my bible

(Reading record)

Book title:Bible


Date started:17th june

Date finished:not finished yet

The bible is made up of 2 testaments the new testament that has Jesus in and the old testament that doesn,t have Jesus in. The bible helps you with your knowledge in R.E. It helps you know about Jesus and his followers. I like this partictualare bible because it  has illatrations and it is set out nicely.I also like it because I got it for my First Holy Communion.

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Jungle Shorts

I like the part where nearly eathry one had Jungle Shorts!

I don`t like the part where the boy was hiding in a rome so that eny one could see the jungle pants.

It reminds me of when I was going to football club in poland with my cusn and we havent got football shorts!

It made me feel happy because lenny skored 5 goales and the rest of his team skored 10 goals!

I wonder if I could skore 5 goals?

Do you think that you would skore 5 or 10 or eathen 50 goale I think you could?

Have you notissed that the man who was seling jungle shorts was wering them on him selth and hiden one pair of jungle shorts for lenny?


I chows 5 stars***** because the stori was amuzing and eksalant and it had a lot ore emotion clowes ,insporation words inside it fore me would you think the same if you had rad it or not I think that it was just eksalant.

thenkue fore reading my reading rewue and dont forget I have dun more andplease leve a comment fore me!

I hope I would have a lot ow comments fore me


I am a good star or eriting reading rewiews!

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My ha ha ha halfterm

  • My brother went off to London, to go and see England play against Ireland with our Aunty.
  • My mum and I, went to b&q to go and look at some paint.(Where painting the kitchen walls)
  • I went to my friends house for tea,we played on just dance 4 and we played in the garden.:)



Thank you for reading what I did in my ha ha ha half term.:)

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Our Lady Celebrations

Today we had a liturgy to celebrate Our Lady, Mother of Christ. Each key stage group were asked to prepare something for the liturgy. As we had already used the hymn ‘Joyful Joyful’ from Sister Act 2, to inspire our writing earlier in the term we decided to use it again. We spent a literacy lesson innovating the Hymn so it is now about Mary. We then had 2 hours to practise our performance. This is it. I think the children did a brilliant job. What do you think?

IMG 0183 from St. Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.

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My trip to the derby museum

Today our class went to the derby museum.We had lots of fun! First,we went into a room with lots of pictures and met a lady called Luciana who told us all about Ancient Egyptians.We learnt lots about River Nile, farmers, mummies and pyramids.Next,we  put on Egyptian clothes.Girls wore a long dress and boys wore a peice of material that looked like a skirt.Then we went to a room with a lady called Frances.In the room there was a two real mummies and we learnt lots about them.After that,Luciana took us to a room and showed us how they make mummies.Later,we went to the room and took our costumes of.Finally,Frances told us were making our own ushtabi out of clay.We calved the clay.At last we went back to school.

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acrostic poem

Four of us

And a dog called Timmy

Make our adventures in our mind

Our strength and braveness

Us together make a brilliant team

So come and read our adventures you never what happens?



Five of us have lots of different adventures

I certainly have enjoyed the first chapters of my famous five book

Very exciting to read

Every one of them are loyal, trustworthy and adventurous

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My easter holiday

In the Easter holidays i went to the city with my mum and my sister.My mum brought  me and my sister a balloon.After that we went to the park.We had lots of fun!I ate crisps.Then we went to the Kebab house and had Indian food!Finally we went home.

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My school day.

Today,at school we had Extended writing and we had to write a story about Pentacost.It was fun! Next, it was playtime.It was really windy! Then, we had Maths.Then,it was lunchtime. After that,we had Science.In science we learnt about living things and non-living things.Finally,it was hometime.

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The Book time Book of Fantastic First Poems By Uzezi!

My favourite  poem in the book is ‘ A Dragonfly. ‘                                                                                                                     When the heat of summer made drowsy the land,                                                                                                                              A dragonfly came and sat on my hand.

With  it blue joint and wings that spun like glass,                                                                                                                                 It lit on my fingers as though they where grass.

I think this poem has a lot of phrases and good idea’s!

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The Crazy Critters By Uzezi

This book is a play script but it sound like a rhyming   poem!                                                                                             The characters are the Narrator, Reader 1, Reader 2, Reader 3, Reader 4, Reader 5 and the Chorus [class of audience.]                                                                                                                                                                                             Every time the Narrator say’s is ‘ Late last …’ Then the readers start doing there part in the script and the class of audience say EX-CUE-OOOOZ ME !                                                                                                                                                                              I recommend this book to Chloe because I know she is really good at acting.

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